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James Cawthorn

“I had knee surgery and I’ve heard so many stories about physical therapy that when I came to Physical Therapy of Jackson and was seen by the staff here – they are such friendly people and kind that it takes your apprehension away. They work with you to get you back to work or doing what you need to do – Pain free.”

Linda Duck

“I’ve come to the Physical Therapy of Jackson location for problems with my neck and my shoulder and my foot. There have been several times when I have been hurting so bad I have been in tears while I’ve been here. But before I left, I had a smile on my face. Alex does some techniques that are not found in any other location in Jackson, and it’s a real family atmosphere – you feel very welcome and it’s really a pleasure coming here to be helped with your pain.”

Blake Anderson

“When I first came to Physical Therapy of Jackson, I was in total pain. Total pain! And now I am pain free. I have no pain what-so-ever and its wonderful.”

Nancy Smith

“I came here last year. This time I have been here maybe 3 times, and it helped my back so much. Now i can bend and touch my toes. I haven’t done that in like 25 years.

I have been to Memphis, to physical therapy. My daughter took me to Alabama, and they gave me shots and everything, but nothing helped like the [ATM2] machines [alex] has now. I call it a life saver.

I went to church Sunday. I can sit at church all day. That’s the first time I have done that in months. And they [the staff] all really care, and that’s what’s really important to me. That they care.”

James Price

“I had knee replacement done on my right knee after injury. I had heard horror stories about all the pain you receive when going through physical therapy. But once I came here to Physical Therapy of Jackson and met the staff – they were such kind and friendly people.

They were caring, its family atmosphere here, and the treatment I have received here while going to Physical Therapy of Jackson has been great. I would put my faith and trust in these people.

I believe they are experts in what they do, and I would trust them completely.”

Other Testimonials

“I came to Physical Therapy of Jackson because of severe and almost constant pain in my back and hips.  I had been diagnosed by MRI as having lumbar spinal stenosis.  I would have been a candidate for surgery except for a heart condition which required Plavix and Aspirin therapy. After twelve sessions with Alex and staff I am relatively free of significant pain. I am very grateful for the relief I enjoy.

Thanks Alex, Joseph and Terra!"

To whom it may concern,

"I am very pleased with the results that were done by this team of people.  Not only do I consider them good but they are very friendly.  Can’t speak for anyone else, but I have no problem recommending someone for this service.”

“I would like to personally thank Physical Therapy of Jackson for all my rehabilitation, all the kindness and patience they had with me to get my back in good shape. They have a very beautiful staff.  All the kind faces I came in contact with, they really show you they care about your gettin’ better and want you to completely recover.  I really thought very highly of them all.  They all really get you back where you started at.  I would recommend them to anyone who has any kind of injury.

Thank you Jackson Physical Therapy!”

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